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9 10, 2019

Prepare Your Hotel For A New Breed of Travelers with Medklinn


Hoteliers take note! There is a new breed of traveler on the rise worldwide and they will be staying at your hotel. Are you ready to accommodate them? Yet another growing byproduct of modern living is a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). People who suffer from MCS display severe allergic reactions or sensitivities to [...]

6 10, 2019

For SCANPAN, Aluminium is the Green Metal for Sustainability


Recyclable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly are some of the key words we use when describing aluminium pans from SCANPAN. SCANPAN is proud that, over the years, we have retained our craftsmanship and uncompromising attitude to quality, while also contributing to an environmentally-friendly and sustainable kitchenware production. Our molders pour the liquid aluminium into the molds by hand, [...]

11 05, 2019

PEKOË: The Art of Tea by Lucas Frank


From the artistry of traditional tea ceremonies to the invention of a new culinary experience, blending poetry and technical prowess, the Pekoë tea set – the fruit of a collaboration between Revol and an emerging French design star – brings together two creative worlds as rich as they are complementary.   In counterpoint to the [...]

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