Infused Water with Kilner


Kilner Fridge Drinks Dispenser in Action


Over indulged this Easter? Give your body a break and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The recommended daily intake of water is six to eight glasses per day. If you struggle to meet this requirement, why not give flavoured water a try? It’s easy to make yourself and simply involves adding slices of fresh fruit to tap, filtered or bottled water and leaving it to infuse overnight. The options for flavour combinations are endless but our favourites are raspberry, lime & mint, cucumber & mint and pineapple. We find it best if you leave the fruit to infuse over-night in the fridge however if you are pushed for time then a quick ten minute infusion will be fine. Want to give it a go? You will need:



Place a handful of raspberries into a Kilner® Fridge Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap and gently muddle with the end of a wooden spoon. Slice the lime into wedges and squeeze the juice over the raspberries before adding the wedges and a handful of mint leaves to the dispenser. Fill the jar with water, replace the top then place it in a fridge to infuse overnight. Use the tap to check the flavour in the morning. If the desired taste has been reached, dispense into a Kilner® Handled Jar and enjoy!