Companies that have stood out due to successful brand management have been awarded the German Brand Award again this year. A prize that considers both aspects of the degree of innovation and future sustainability and the design quality, homogeneity and commercial success in the judging process.

ZWIESEL GLAS impressed the panel and was again awarded the coveted German Brand Award. Firstly for the project “150 years of ZWIESEL GLAS” as the “Winner” in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Experience of the year” and again for the anniversary film as “Winner” in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Movies, Commercials & Virals.” ZWIESEL GLAS is grateful for the work with the agencies brandtouch° GmbH and Sirensrock GmbH for the successful implementation of the anniversary film. ZWIESEL GLAS received a “Special Mention” in two categories for Communication in the new FRAMEWORK “Sounds like Zwiesel” in “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Impact of the Year” and “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – 360° Campaign.” Owner Prof. Andreas Buske is pleased to be able to say, “The Award is a confirmation of the path we took with ZWIESEL GLAS in 2020 and have continued along effectively since then. That is why it is especially pleasing to receive the German Brand Award which recognizes us again as a world market leader in our anniversary year”

150 years of craftsmanship, celebration and community - all this connects ZWIESEL GLAS.

150 years of craftsmanship, celebration and community – all this connects ZWIESEL GLAS.

Sounds like a great history

The first foundations of ZWIESEL GLAS were laid in 1872, so this year the company is celebrating a milestone – the 150th anniversary. For 150 years, the special sound of every single Zwiesel glass has been heard at all kinds of celebrations. The anniversary film shows how ZWIESEL GLAS is not just a brand, it is home, nature, craft, history and the people who make every moment with a Zwiesel Glas special. The film is a journey through time and shows that real hospitality, enjoyment and community are timeless. The focus of this special project is coming together at the table through the ages to celebrate the anniversary, great dreams and life itself. ZWIESEL GLAS has the most discerning guests and finest hosts the world over. With the anniversary film, the company is celebrating the highest manufacturing and craftsmanship , extraordinary culinary and community experiences and products which lend a special note to any table.

The communication in the FRAMEWORK “Sounds like Zwiesel” is also consistent with the high quality promised by the company. ZWIESEL GLAS represents passion and uncompromising quality in glass. A claim that rings out in the sound made by every Zwiesel glass. A sound that condenses our brand history to our acoustic essence. So the company was all the more pleased with the panels’ decision to award ZWIESEL GLAS the coveted German Brand Award.

Head of Marketing, Product and Communications Michael Eichinger and Teamlead Brand and Product Management Lisa Müller are pleased to receive the German Brand Award 2022.

The panel

The panel that awards the German Brand Award is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from the worlds of business, science, consulting, service provision and agencies. Submissions are assessed according to the criteria of independence and brand typicality, rand perception, difference to competitors and relevance to the target groups. Brand management should consider aspects like future sustainability, degree of innovation and continuity. Factors such as the design quality of the brand presence, homogeneity of brand experiences and economic success also play a critical role in the judging process.

German Design Council – the initiator

The German Design Council is an independent and internationally active institution that supports companies in efficiently communicating brand skills and which also aims to strengthen the under- standing of design in the wider public. Founded as a foundation in 1953 by the Federal Association of German Industry and some leading businesses on the initiative of the German Parliament, the Design Council concerns itself with promoting Design through its awards, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications. The membership of the Design Council currently includes over 350 domestic and foreign companies.

German Brand Institute – the Sponsor

The German Brand Institute came into being together with the Design Council and the GMK brand consultancy. Its aim is to strengthen the importance of the brand as a crucial success factor of companies in national and international competition. In the German Brand Award, the foundation awards a unique prize for outstanding brand management.