The glasses of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS can be found on the tables of upscale hotels and restaurants around the world, but are equally appreciated by consumers.

This success is clearly evident in sales figures. The company, which employs some 760 highly qualified employees worldwide, including 60 apprentices, posted €99.3 million in revenues in fiscal year 2017/2018. In the past year, it invested approx. €5 million in more efficient and resource-saving production technologies. Based on this and other activities, ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS AG has emerged as a sustainable technology and innovation leader.

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The company’s high-quality products, exceptional design and international market strength were again confirmed with numerous prestigious awards in 2018 and 2019. The SIMPLIFY series by Zwiesel 1872 won the iF Design Award 2018, while the Red Dot Award 2018 went to TOWER by SCHOTT ZWIESEL. Meanwhile, SENSA by SCHOTT ZWIESEL received the German Design Award 2019. Moreover, the company was again named “World Market Leader Champion” in 2018 in the “Crystal glass for premium hospitality and catering” category.

“These major awards and the prestigious World Market Leader designation are a confirmation of our work and give us the motivation to continue on our successful path,” says CEO and owner, Prof. Dr. Buske.

New innovative approaches

At this year’s Ambiente trade fair, the company has chosen a very different presentation under the motto “BE PART OF OUR UNIVERSE”. The focus is not on novelties, but on the company itself. 145 years of experience with the manufacture of high-quality glasses speak for themselves and highlight the strength and reliability of Zwiesel Kristallglas AG. The design concept of the trade fair clearly embodies the company values and represents a step into the future. “Our plan is to take our customers on a journey, to accompany them in their challenges and to offer them new solutions,” said Prof. Dr. Buske in a statement.

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On their customer journey through the trade fair stand, visitors will experience the fascination of glass manufacture, while at the same time witnessing the company’s products through digital channels. A dynamic video that features the production of manually and machine-produced class in short sequences is the start of the journey as an emotional preparation for moving toward the future. Three glasses of the PURE series rise up in an oversized hologram, representing the company’s unique product competency. The wall, featuring projected glass silhouettes and the names of the company’s numerous product series, underscores the long-term symbiosis of tradition and innovation in the production process.

Following the exploration of product creation, travellers then enter the platform of communication. This area has been completely designed to highlight some of the most important product ranges for an integrated customer experience. It offers space and time for conversations, with a focus on intensive exchanges with customers.

This year’s novelty, MARLÈNE – HOMMAGE AUX FEMMES, which reflects the renewed popularity of bars and emphasises female strength, is introduced as a new experience. The handmade series of the ZWIESEL 1872 brand, developed together with Charles Schumann, will be brought to life as a barmaid mixes drinks, which are served to customers in the glasses of the series.

“The objective of the trade fair stand design is to highlight the competencies of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS AG and to break out of the monotony of run-of-the-mill trade fair exhibits,” says Maike Sobek, Director Product, Marketing & Communications. “By re-staging select all-time classics from the existing product assortment, we document the strength and quality of these products and accordingly, of the company. Our objective is to move these products back into the limelight and to feature them in a value-added and emotional representation with distinctive visual language.”

As an authentic market leader, ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS AG will continue to set market trends, as it is doing with its exhibit at Ambiente 2019.

“Our primary aim is to keep focusing on customers, their needs and desires and to respond flexibly to changes according to the Customer Journey,” comments Prof. Dr. Buske on the new approach. “To set contrasts in a market characterized by aggressive pricing and to focus on brand, quality and innovation in order to generate new demand is the way of the future.”

Conscious of a changing world, the company follows the principle of making good things even better. Accordingly, service philosophy is the highest priority and strengthening the brand is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The brand as the sales argument

To be unique and instantly recognizable is the declared objective of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS AG in times of abundant sales offers and overstimulation. “To prevail in the future, companies must choose their own way and find approaches to convince retailers and consumers of their products, their innovations and their capabilities. Price cannot be and must not be the primary concern,” says. Prof. Dr. Buske. “Our objective is to make brands more approachable, more desirable and more tangible for our customers.”

ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS has represented the highest quality in crystal products, living tradition, consistent innovation and sustainability in equal measure for over 145 years. Founded in 1872, the company offers an exclusive range for dining, wine and restaurant culture as well as accessories for interiors. The ranges, which have won multiple awards, are particularly prized both by thought leaders and gastronomy professionals for their excellent usage qualities and aesthetic design.


ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS is the home of three strong brands: SCHOTT ZWIESEL, the professional glass, is highly popular as a strong partner of leading international hotels and restaurants as well as among consumers thanks to its excellent quality and extensive collection of wine and drinking glasses in contemporary design. With exclusive handmade collections, ZWIESEL 1872 is the company’s renowned lifestyle brand. JENAER GLAS, the well-known Bauhaus designer brand, is the epitome of individuality for serving, cooking and dining with heat-resistant glass products.

ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS always focuses on technological progress and the environment as firmly anchored core company values, and is a global sign for sustainable thinking and action – with resource-conserving production processes, the Tritan® technology and the innovative TRITAN ® PROTECT method.

ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS is the glass partner for luxury groups such as ALTHOFF HOTELS, cruise ships and high-end organisations such as JEUNES RESTAURATEURS D’EUROPE and the Association of German Quality Wine Estates (VDP). Celebrities from the world of astronomy such as legendary barkeeper Charles Schumann and star chef Tim Raue stand for the quality of the company from the Bavarian town of Zwiesel.

Distinctive design and a variety of collaborations ensure that ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS continues to receive prestigious awards – the company is currently collaborating with the young Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. The Red Dot Award, Interior Innovation Award, German Design Award and “World market leader champion 2018” in the “Crystal glass for premium hospitality and catering” category are just a few of the recognitions recently bestowed on ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS.