From the artistry of traditional tea ceremonies to the invention of a new culinary experience, blending poetry and technical prowess, the Pekoë tea set – the fruit of a collaboration between Revol and an emerging French design star – brings together two creative worlds as rich as they are complementary.


In counterpoint to the current trend for uneven ceramics in all their imperfect poetry, young designer Lucas Frank’s overriding aim was to pay homage to the high technicality and precision of the material as it is used in this industry.


Lucas Frank in the Revol modelling workshop (Saint Uze, France)

Lucas Franck has a very light, delicate touch, as can be seen in the subtle curves in the Pekoe range. But he also has a very concrete approach to design. At ECAL, the famous Lausanne art school he attended, he absorbed the precepts of a strict and rigorous creative grammar, deriving from Swiss-German philosophy, where all superfluous elements are excluded and the focus is on function.

A response to clearly delineated problems of service and use, the Pekoë collection is the fruit of in-depth technical research carried out in collaboration with Revol.

The delicate saucer emerges from the mould of the impressive pressure-casting machine to reveal its draped effect.

The artisan’s hand and the industrial tool are fundamental elements of the design.

Decisively functional, the fin motif allows you to hold this handleless cup at the same time as vouching for its complete stability on the saucer on which it sits so perfectly.


Revol was delighted with such an unprecedented mastery of black clay, so we asked Lucas Franck to broaden the range and design a full collection adapted to hot drinks and especially to tea.

The young designer was won over by the poetry of the two-century-old porcelain-making firm. He accentuated the curves in his models and soon included the craftsman’s hand and skills as basic elements in the design.

Jugs, sugar and other bowls, plates, teapots and bamboo trays were introduced alongside the original cups to create the ideal vessels for teatimes inspired as much by the gourmet aesthetics of French tea-drinking as by the pure lines of Asian tradition.


Treated with an aged-silver or dark-metal enamel on the inside the natural black clay is preserved on the outside but polished to produce a “peach-skin” feel in the items in the range.

The product of a finely tuned harvest retaining only the young shoots, Pekoë tea gives its name to this set in an homage to both its delicate design and its superb quality. At both tea-time and at the dining table, the contemporary lightness and minutely executed aestheticism of this collection set the stage for a high-class tasting experience.